Cargo Ship Remediation & Make-safe

LOCATION Port of Brisbane, Queensland COMPLETED April 2022

Asbestos Removal
Full Friable Enclosure
Hazardous Waste Management
Hygiene Management

Corvex’s initial works entailed immediate assessment and investigation of the contamination source, followed by delivery of a full friable decontamination setup to the ship, inclusive of showers, decontamination facilities and a waste skip crane lifted onto the main deck.

The contamination was spread across three main hulls and a maintenance storeroom, spanning a gross floor area of 10,000m2. The cargo to be delivered was a collection of wind turbines, valued in excess of 4 million per unit and bound for regional Queensland.

The decontamination works achieved a successful clearance via the engaged licensed asbestos assessment firm, and the ship, cargo and its crew were able to depart for their final destination at the Port of Melbourne.