Northern NSW Flood Affected School Projects


Asbestos Removal
Mould Remediation

After the devastating floods in 2022, Corvex was engaged to complete the Northern NSW Flood-Affected Schools Project.

The Northern NSW Flood-Affected Schools Project had a comprehensive scope to address the flood damage and ensure the safety of students and staff. Site establishment was a critical first step that involved setting up asbestos removal and mould work areas and removing non-friable ACM and mould-contaminated materials. With multiple remediation work fronts of flood-damaged structures and buildings, the project required careful planning and execution by Corvex.

The works stages were spread across multiple sites and buildings, and each stage required specific remediation efforts. One crucial aspect was the remediation of mould-contaminated classrooms, which required specialized techniques and equipment. Additionally, the project involved the removal, remediation, and disposal of a range of hazardous materials, which added an extra layer of complexity and safety considerations.

Overall, the Northern NSW flood-affected schools project was extensive and required a team of skilled Corvex professionals to complete it successfully. By addressing each component of the project with care and attention to detail, the team was able to ensure that the schools were safe and ready for students and staff to return.