210 Brunswick Street

LOCATION Fortitude Valley, Brisbane COMPLETED March 2022

Asbestos Removal
Hazardous Waste Management

Corvex successfully undertook the removal of friable and nonfriable asbestos from an old, multi-story nightclub building in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
The works took over six months to complete and required a large, extremely well-trained hazmat crew to execute works effectively.

The asbestos identified throughout building required complex work schedule, vast amounts of specialised asbestos removal equipment and the ability to work closely with our client in programming to ensure the construction was not delayed.

The project began with an extensive survey to determine the location and extent of the asbestos-containing materials.  Based on the survey findings, our team devised a detailed removal plan to safely eliminate all asbestos from the building.

The removal process involved establishing containment areas, using specialised equipment to remove the asbestos-containing materials, and disposing of the hazardous materials in accordance with strict regulations.

Our team’s extensive experience and training in asbestos removal allowed us to complete the project efficiently and with minimal disruption to the surrounding community.